Samuel Sanderson

Artist and sculptor Sam works in the medium of wire, wood, and stone creating unique and beautiful pieces of art. Sam is a young student and artist who draws inspiration in the nature around him. He is passionate and works hard honing and perfecting his craft. Sam's work can be found in homes and businesses all across Canada and the USA. These pieces range in scale from wedding favours to large scale commissions. 

As a self-taught sculptor, Sam began this journey entirely by accident having been inspired to create his first tree as a Christmas gift. From the timid first twists of the wires, Sam's work quickly began to find its own shape as he harnessed his creativity in search of ways to represent Canadian nature. Today, these trees represent thousands of hours that Sam has poured into his craft and each piece is unique with no two being the same. 

Currently Sam is using Due North Trees as a means to help him get through Architecture School in Ottawa. Every sale and commission makes a real difference as Sam works towards becoming a licensed architect.